Knot Master Program

Welcome to the Troop 902 Knot Master Program!  This program has been developed after looking at several knot master programs other Troops have on their websites.  It is designed to increase interest in knot tying, and is provided to anyone within the troop.  This goes beyond the knots and lashings that are part of BSA rank advancement, and as such is not approved or listed anywhere in BSA materials.  It is a “troop extra” that we have developed.

Scouts and Scouters may wear their carabiner and rope as part of their uniform at troop meetings, events and campouts, and are encouraged to do so, that they may practice and improve their craft, and increase interest with other people in knot tying.

Applicants should learn how to tie each knot/hitch/bend/lashing in advance of trying to earn their next rope, by being taught by other scouts or adults, or researching in books, apps or the web.  They should be able to do the required skills without using a guide, example or instruction while they are testing.  Each knot must be tied correctly and be properly dressed (i.e. not messy).  With this in mind, the applicants should practice until they can tie each knot without having to think about it too much.

Our ranks are 4 Knots/Skills per level, to keep interest and allow for rapid advancement in the beginning, especially for those scouts who are first class or above.

Applicant will turn in their old rope when they advance to a different color rope.  This keeps the troop from having to buy too much rope.

NOTE: Using rope for inappropriate or unsafe uses such as tying up other scouts, using it as a whip, etc. may see the owner lose their rope until the end of a meeting or campout.

Below are the Ranks of Rope Colors (similar to martial arts belts)

Level 1 – White Rope and Carabiner (Scout Rank)

Level 2 – Yellow Rope (Scout Rank + 2nd Class)

Level 3 – Orange Rope (2nd Class + others)

Level 4 – Green Rope

Level 5 – Red Rope (1st Class Lashings)

Level 6 – Blue Rope

Level 7 – Brown Rope

Level 8 – Purple Rope

Level 9 – Black Rope

  • Make a decorative or useful project out of at least two different knots
  • Research knots that are not part of our program and show others how to tie it

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